Jew Store: The Musical

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Gordon Jewish Community Center, Nashville, TN

Come see Shawn in this hilarious new musical!

Jew Store The Musical : Based on the Best-Selling family memoir, "The Jew Store" by Stella Suberman, Jew Store the Musical tells the inspiring story of a Jewish family's journey from the pogroms in Russia, to the teeming tenements of New York, and eventually to a small town in Northwest Tennessee where most residents had never before seen, let alone met, a Jew. The Bronson family finds themselves face-to-face with the town's curious residents (including the local KKK), who have dubbed the family's dry goods store, the "Jew Store". Set in the 1920s yet extremely relevant today, Jew Store The Musical explores the idea that, if we just take the time to get to know each other and find common ground, we will learn that our preconceived prejudices and baseless biases against "others" we don't even know, is a waste of what valuable time we have. A story of acceptance and hope, Jew Store The Musical is just getting started in Nashville with a slated Off-Broadway opening in Fall 2018.